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Clothing today is more than just something we use to cover our bodies. Nowadays, the clothes we wear often make a statement. And for folks who are into fish and fishing sports, Rip A Lip Fish Wear’s Sailfish Collection will produce some of the biggest, boldest statements around.

The Sailfish Collection

Kick it off with a sultry purple, royal blue or harbor blue performance dry-fit T-shirt, with an elaborate sailfish breaking from the waves and going who-knows-where. Choose neon green or safety green, if you prefer. Cast again, and come up with a hot green or white racerback tank top for women with the recognizable Rip A Lip logo below neon-colored sailfish swimming along.

The next catch is a unisex long sleeve performance dry-fit shirt in royal blue with the sailfish once again flying out of the water. A similar long sleeve fishing shirt in pink and a long sleeve T-shirt in safety green are also available, with the requisite sailfish doing its thing on the front.

Sailfish Lore

Sailfish are part of the billfish family and are plentiful in warm ocean waters throughout the world. Their name comes from their erectile dorsal fin that can span the full length of their backs. They commonly grow up to nine and a half feet in length and can weigh as much as 200 pounds at the high end.

These fish are built for speed – which may be one of the reasons the apparel in our Sailfish Collection moves so fast! (Okay, we’re better at clothing than humor.) Anyway, the sailfish has been clocked at speeds as high as 68 miles per hour, which is among the greatest speeds ever recorded for anything that swims.

You can find a variety of colors among sailfish, from brown and gray hues to purple and silver. Depending on its mood, a sailfish can actually change its colors, somewhat like a chameleon. When excited, the fish can become light blue with yellow stripes, which for some reason confuses its prey.

Wear the sailfish proudly from high-quality apparel items in the Rip A Lip Sailfish Collection. Make a point, make a statement, and maybe even confuse your prey by changing to a new colored shirt right before their eyes!

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