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Limited Edition Performance Fishing Shirts from RIP A LIP

by Jerry Cahalan February 12, 2016

If you want to be an elite angler, you need the right apparel. Even if you just enjoy a casual afternoon on the water, performance fishing apparel will help you stay comfortable for hours and hours.

Our line of limited edition fishing apparel is designed for both comfort and style. Not only do our fishing shirts use high-quality fabrics, they also have some of the most impressive designs and colors available.

If you want the best performance fishing apparel around, check out these limited edition options. But hurry fast, because we don’t say “limited” for no reason.

Mardi Gras (2016) Long Sleeve T-Shirt Purple

This shirt delivers all the colorful vibrancy you want in a fishing shirt, but it’s also comfortable, durable, and flexible, making it the perfect choice for a day on the water. This shirt uses ultra 100% pre-shrunk cotton, while the safety colors are 50% cotton and 5% high-quality polyester. Gulf Coast artist Scott Blackwell created these gorgeous lure designs. Celebrate the sprit of Mardi Gras every time you hit the water with this excellent performance fishing shirt.

Fleur De Lis Short Sleeve T-Shirt Safety Pink

The fleur de lis is a decorative design used in many French symbols. It’s also a recognized image in the city of New Orleans, where French influence and fishing are part of the culture. This bright pink shirt has a redfish design with “RIP DAT LIP” on the back and a smaller print on the front. It’s a great shirt for female anglers who want stylish limited-edition performance fishing apparel.


Fleur De Lis Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black

Want the fleur de lis design on a black shirt? Then choose this stylish long sleeve from RIP A LIP. You’ll get the same high-quality print on a simple black long sleeve fishing shirt. It also has “RIP DAT LIP” along both sleeves. The long-sleeves help you stay warm on cool mornings, while the design makes it perfect for any event, especially Sundays.

Hooked On A Cure Long Sleeve Charity Pink

If you want a limited edition fishing shirt that not only looks great, but helps support an important cause, then this is the one you need. For every “Hooked on a Cure” shirt sold, $2.00 will be donated to the Pink Heart Funds, a non-profit that works to provide wigs for children and adults dealing with hair loss, especially those going through cancer treatment. This limited edition performance fishing shirt is made from ring-spun cotton that is pre-shrunk for long-lasting quality.

Rip A Lip Islander Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are one of the essential items for anglers, especially those who are sight fishing in shallow flats and inlets. These glasses reduce glare, helping you see through the clear water while locating structure and fish. These limited edition sunglasses make an excellent edition to your supply of performance fishing apparel. The have “RIP A LIP” on both sides and a matte black frame for reduced glare on bright days.

Performance Fishing Shirts and Apparel

Visit RIP A LIP’s online store and you can get the high-quality apparel you deserve. With top-quality options and plenty of unique designs, you’ll find the right fishing apparel for your needs.

Jerry Cahalan
Jerry Cahalan

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