7 Great Winter Fishing Destinations to Escape the Cold

December 14, 2015 3 min read

Think winter means winterizing your boat and putting away your rods?

Not so fast. With these warm destinations, you can keep fishing all year long.

Florida Keys

From Key Largo to Key West, this string of chains is not only one of the top vacation destinations in the country, it’s also one of the best places for winter fishing. At the southern tip of Florida, the weather is nearly perfect all year long, (outside of the occasional storm, of course) especially compared to the blizzards of the north. Visit the Keys, and you can target fish on the shallows like permit and bonefish, or go for deep-water species like marlin and sailfish. 

Louisiana Bayou

Want to target everything from freshwater bass to saltwater redfish? Then the Louisiana Bayou is one of your best options. You can head into the rivers and channels to look for some of the biggest catfish you’ve ever seen, or you can travel a short distance into the open water of the Gulf of Mexico to target larger species like tarpon or tuna. You’ll find warm weather and a warm welcome in the Bayou.

Toledo Reservoir, Texas and Louisiana

Every year, Bassmaster creates a list of the top 100 bass waters in the country. Which water was #1 in 2015? The Toledo Reservoir. The lake, which was created when the border river between Texas and Louisiana was dammed, has 185,000 acres of bass fishing. Instead of winterizing your bass boat, maybe you should consider heading for the Toledo reservoir. 

Laguna Madre, Texas

Stretching from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grand at the southern edge of Texas, Laguna Madre is 130 miles of top-quality saltwater fishing. While this is one of the best places to catch spotted seatrout, the area is also a menagerie of different species, including redfish, flounder, alligator gar, mullet, sheepshead, and more. 

Pamlico Sound, North Carolina

Hugged by North Carolina’s mainland and a string of islands out to sea, Pamlico Sound is one of the most active fishing waters in America. It presents a perfect spawning habitat for many species, thanks to the protection created by the enveloping islands. Visit Pamlico Sound in the winter and you can find mullet, sheepshead, redfish, and even shark.

San Diego, California

There are plenty of reasons to visit San Diego in the winter, but for anglers, this town has the perfect combination of attractions, accommodations, and fishing. This city is a great launching point for anglers seeking tuna, wahoo, dorado, and white sea bass, and your family will love all the attractions, including the San Diego Zoo and the USS Midway Museum. With all the entertainment, you won’t feel guilty leaving your family for a day of fishing!

Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona

The Hoover Dam is one of the most famous feats of American engineering, and Lake Mead, the resulting reservoir, is one of the top fishing destinations in the southwest. While the winter weather may not be as picturesque as southern Florida, California, or Texas, Lake Mead still offers moderate temperatures along with the chance to catch salmon and lake trout.

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