RIP A LIP: Where Artistic Designs Meet Performance Fishing Apparel

November 17, 2015 3 min read

There’s something magical about fishing. It combines excitement, enthusiasm, and beauty into one of the most addictive sports on the planet.

At RIP A LIP, our goal is to create fishing apparel that reflects the vibrancy and energy of fishing. If you are always thinking about fishing, if you keep your boat ready at all times, if you can’t imagine a trip to the shore without your rod and reel, then RIP A LIP apparel is right for you!

A Fishing Shirt that Celebrates Life

When we set out to create a high-quality fishing shirt, we knew we needed to create something that stands out; not just with great materials, but also with top-quality designs. We wanted to create a line of apparel that doesn’t just celebrate fishing, but celebrates life!

Colorful Shirts with Vibrant Artwork

Early in the conception stage of our fishing apparel, we were discussing designs and style themes; a young family member had the insightful idea of using bright, lively colors to appeal to women, teens, and young adults. In 2012, our first shirts were brought to retailers. Not surprisingly, the bright colors were the most popular. 

It’s not just bright, vibrant colors, however; it’s also the artistic designs. Every one of our shirts has some form of artwork inspired by the water. From leaping marlins to colorful dolphin fish, there is an eye-catching image on every fishing shirt we offer.

The artwork is what makes our shirts exceptional. We use top-quality materials like PURE-TECH moisture-wicking technology, but it’s the art that makes our shirts stand out.

Scott Blackwell: The Mind Behind the Art

Our fishing apparel would be completely different without the exceptional artwork of Scott Blackwell, a passionate painter who combines vibrant colors and exciting designs to create the artwork found on our shirts. Scott is passionate about fishing. It’s not just the beautiful sceneries that inspire him, but also the impressive fish that swim in our coastal waters. 

As you can tell from our shirts, Scott Blackwell’s art uses both color and motion. He creates pieces that seem to jump off the canvas; when you see them you can almost feel and hear the action of a fighting fish on the end of your line!

Scott’s impressive artwork is not only found on RIP A LIP fishing apparel, it can also be found in art galleries all across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

How RIP A LIP Benefits the Anglers

It’s great to have a visually stunning piece of apparel, but when you go fishing, you need a garment that gives you protection from bright sunshine and ocean sprays. Our line of performance shirts have UPF +50 protection, meaning you can fish for longer without getting sunburnt. This makes our performance fishing shirts a vital tool in your battle against sun damage.

If you go fishing long enough, you’re sure to get wet. If you are an active angler, you know the importance of moisture-resistant apparel. Our shirts use PURE-TECH moisture-wicking fabrics, which helps water run right off your back, keeping you dry through the entire day. With this advanced material, RIP A LIP fishing shirts are the ultimate combination of artistry and effectiveness.

Performance Fishing Shirts That Look Great on Land or Sea

Are you looking for a fishing shirt that matches your energy and passion? Then visit the online store from RIP A LIP and browse our selection of art-inspired apparel. When you want to look great and stay comfortable on the water we, have the performance fishing shirts you need.